Having plastic surgery changed my life in ways I never imagined.

Who knew plastic surgery would be such an important teacher in my life!  I had no idea the impact that it would have on my personal and spiritual development and self-love quest. I thought it was going to save my world.  I thought that I was going to become instantly happy with my body as a result.  I thought that I would heal much faster than I actually did.  I thought that it was going to solve all of my problems.  But it didn’t solve all of my problems, it wasn’t the answer I was seeking, and I didn’t become instantly pleased with my body..  It sure as hell taught me a lot about myself though..  so much so that several years later (now) I’m still learning from that experience.

Join the comment party below!!  I want to hear from you and so does everyone else reading this juicy post!!

Have you had any plastic surgery and if so, how did you feel afterward?

Did having plastic surgery solve your personal problem?

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

Would you get plastic surgery again?



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