About Ro


My name is Rochonda Elizabeth Ferrelli, but you can call me Ro.

I’m an Intuitive Life Coach, motivational speaker and writer. My favorite thing in the world is working 1:1 with women, intuitively guiding them on their spiritual and personal development journey for the ultimate transformation.  This is my passion!

My Story, in a nutshell. 

It was a rough start.  My mother had me at a young age, 18.  My biological father was m.i.a. and my step-father who raised me was a hot tempered Italian with a military teaching style.  White glove cleaning tests, a paddle with holes drilled in it (I got to paint it red), regular dinner mannerism drills combined with mental and physical abuse was my early upbringing.  We had money and nice shiny things, but it was very scary behind closed doors.

My mother left my step-father when I was 12.  We went from riding around in a slick red Porsche to living with friends and family for several years.  These were trying times.  I reconnected with my biological father, but quickly learned that he was not the television dad I had dreamed about.  Instead, he was a substance abuser and alcoholic with a friendly gesture towards every woman.

I was desperate for love and acceptance and I deeply desired to feel good. This deficiency led me down many empty roads of drug use, depression, promiscuous relations and unhealthy friendships.  I was going a million miles an hour reaching out in every direction trying to grasp onto an ounce of hope.

In my early twenties I tried to clean up my act, but found myself falling back into the same self-destructive patterns every few months.  I came to the understanding that I could not do this alone, so I said a prayer as a last resort.  It wasn’t long after that I felt a strong desire to move away.  A fresh start is what I craved.  I planned and saved and dreamed of living somewhere exotic and very different from my mid-west roots.  Everyone thought I was crazy, but there was something in me that knew I needed to do this.  So I did.

On my 23rd birthday I was in my new apartment in South Beach, Florida.  This new beginning was scary, but very, very liberating – it was exactly what I needed.  Little did I know at the time, but my healing journey had begun.

I write this now over a decade later. A WHIRLWIND of change has taken over all aspects of my life.  I’ve been clean for over nine years, I’m married to a wonderful man, I have a little girl who is a delight to raise, I own a beautiful home in Ft. Lauderdale, my mind, body and soul are balanced, and I am living an abundant life.  Most significantly, my entire mindset has completely transformed and I’m now living a life filled with love, light and joy.  I’m guided by my intuition and Higher Self and supported by Universe synchronicity.  I am finally aligned with my true authentic self and it feels pretty damn good.

I can’t help but to want other women to feel this way too!  This is why I started my coaching business and my blog, Feed Her Soul.  To share the wisdom and tools you need to get unstuck, transform your mindset, free your spirit, grow into the best version of you and find the love, abundance and happiness you deserve.

I can help you get the answers you are deeply searching for, recognize your value and self worth, create healthy boundaries, embody lifelong self-care practices, connect with your Higher Self, attract abundance in all areas of your life, master the best and easiest methods of prayer and meditation, and bust through limiting beliefs and habits of self-sabotage. In other words, I will help you step into your authentic truth and become even more amazing than you already are!  To book a 1:1 session, please contact me by clicking here.



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