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My love/hate relationship with affirmations just shifted into the love zone 100%!  I’ve recognized the importance of affirmations over the years, but I haven’t always seen the results I was expecting.

About a year ago I actually silenced affirmations from my life altogether, vowing that I was over them and ready to move on to more effective ways of attracting. But recently in some mindset work that I picked up from Stephanie Nicolich, business coach and online success mentor, a huge ginormous light bulb went off in my head.  The main reason why affirmations don’t work is because they are not personalized to your specific blocks.  There is a disconnect between the energy of the ‘words and you’ when the affirmations don’t connected deeply to what you are healing.

This whole time I’ve been using someone else’s affirmations, not my own, and that’s where the problem lies.  Sometimes I resonate with someone else’s affirmation and that’s fine and dandy, but more often it’s like I’m speaking empty words trying to make myself believe and feel something that’s just not there.  Not to mention, when it’s someone else’s words, you don’t own-up to them and therefore they are easily forgotten and left on the sidelines.

When you do the dirty work to get to the bottom of your energetic blocks you will have a keen awareness of exactly what your problem is and why you have that problem and how it has been blocking you all of these years.  At this specific point, it is vitally important to create your own unique and fresh affirmations that vibe with you, where you are at in your journey, and your next steps.  Then, once you adjust to your new beliefs, it’s time to create new affirmations to move you to the next level.  Inching your way towards new beliefs is what works!

An Example!

A generic money affirmation:  “Large sums of money are drawn to me no matter where I go, and no matter what I do.”

This affirmation is great, but it doesn’t vibe with where I am right now.  Through my personal development work, I discovered that I more frequently purchase sale items versus full valued items even in cases where the full valued item is what I really want.  When I traced back to my early childhood beliefs about why I do this, I discovered that this behavior resulted from a rough patch my mom and I went through and embedded thoughts of lack in my subconscious mind about money.  As an adult, this state of mind is actually untrue for me.  I have so many wonderful things in my life and this behavior rooted in a lack belief is not serving me.  It’s time to change this!

My personalized affirmation: “I have more than enough of what I need.  It is now time to purchase full valued items of the things that I really want and deserve to have.”

I downloaded an app to my phone called Positive Thinking that sends me a daily reminder of my personalized affirmation along with a picture for visualization.  This has been very helpful in keeping this affirmation active as I rebuild my beliefs.

Don’t forget to share some comment loooove!!  Thousands of people read this blog every day and your comment may just be what they need to hear to have that ‘ah-ha’ moment that will change their life forever.  Comment below and tell us what your favorite affirmation of all time is, any tips that you have and which affirmations have or haven’t worked for you.  Contact me by clicking here for some 1:1 help with your affirmation game!

With lots of love and affirmation success!


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