How to Shift The Energy of an Entire Room

How to Shift The Energy of an Entire Room

When you are around negativity and you feel uncomfortable, just know that you are there for a reason.  You are right where you belong and you are right where you are needed.

As a lightworker it is your job and responsibility to bring light and joy into situations where there isn’t any.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive friends is not always an option and it’s not how it’s always supposed to be.  The world needs your light in a lot of places and this is when you get to do your lightwork and shift the energy of the entire room with your presence.

Love them, show affection, be up-beat and light in conversation, make jokes, smile a lot, contribute positive perspective to their depressing stories, be prepared in advance with something uplifting to talk about, excuse yourself if you need to get away and take a deep breather, pray before you arrive and ask your guides for help, do not feel the need to contribute to their negativity, change the subject if you have to, be graceful and loving, see in your minds-eye the room and everyone in it lighting up.

They may not understand what’s going on, they may even think something is a little off with you, and that’s okay.  Being a lightworker is not always an easy job, but it is necessary for your inner peace, their inner peace (whether they realize it or not), and the healing of the world. In the end, you have shifted the energy of the entire room.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for shifting the energy of others?  Please share in the comments section below!  I’m very interested in knowing and I know the other readers of this blog will be too! 

With love and light,


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