The Future is Female

The Future is Female

In order for our planet to heal, the people must heal.  In order for the people to heal there must be equality.  In order for there to be equality there must be a rise and expansion of divine feminine energy.

See it with me.  See the balancing of the planet.  See the benefits of female leaders to all nations across the globe.  See the bigger picture where man and woman come together to co-create societies that persevere, societies who benefit the greater good of all of humanity and not just for themselves.  You see, that’s what women bring to the table; they bring a fresh perspective that is all encompassing.  They are innate nurturers, mothers, healers and intuitives.  Yes, men are good and they are needed.  But they are highly focused and not as expansive in their thinking.

Today’s Feed Her Soul TV episode discusses this in depth.  Enjoy and forward this to your favorite females.

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  • What do you do in your community now as a female leader?

  • Who are some of your favorite female leaders?

Kundalini Gems & Self Transformation

Kundalini Gems & Self Transformation

When I went into the Kundalini Teacher Training in September 2016 I knew in my heart and soul that it was something that I had to do for ME.  I knew that I would learn a lot about my body, energy and the transformational science that is Kundalini.  But I had no clue that it would bring such transformation to my life.  On several occasions I personally witnessed matter change before my eyes, a shifting of energy that was undeniable, and healings take place within myself and others.  There was a lot of crying, a lot of dancing, a lot of meditating, a lot of downloads, and a lot of transformation that happened this past year. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.

Here are some of the awesome and life changing takeaways that I learned and experienced

Sat Nam,


  1. Self Diagnosis & Holistic Remedies – Through completing a Metabolic Assessment form I was able to decipher that my blood sugar was off, which was leading to sugar cravings and unhealthy afternoon snacking.  From there I found that apple cider vinegar is a natural way of dealing with sugar cravings and I now take a shot of it every morning.
  2. Meditation with a Purpose – I learned that there is a meditation for just about anything and everything you could imagine.  Kundalini meditation is meditation with purpose.  Some of my favorites were Eliminating Haunting Thoughts, Medical Meditation for Habituation which eliminates destructive habits, Kirtan Kriya is excellent for manifesting (it’s what I used to manifest my TEDx Talk in less than a two week period with NO application submitted to TEDx!  Watch the talk here!), Sitalee Kriya for cooling down a heated situation as well as cooling down your body temperature, The Inner Sun immune system booster, and I know there are many more but that’s just a dabble of my favs.
  3. Mudras, Planets and Energy – Each finger represents a planet in our solar system (the Universe is within you) and each of these fingers when touching the thumb produce a certain effect within the body due to a shift in energy flow and reflexes to the brain.  Thumb to index, Gyan Mudra, stimulates knowledge and the power to compute.  Thumb to middle, Shuni Mudra, gives patience and inner peace.  Thumb to ring, Surya Mudra, gives revitalizing energy, nervous system strength and the power to win.  Thumb to pinky, Buddhi Mudra, opens the capacity to communicate clearly and intuitively.
  4. My Cool Experience with Mudras – I was training for a half marathon (Wow! Still in shock that I actually did that!) and during training my hands would naturally go into Gyan Mudra (GM) on their own.  It was comfortable and felt natural so I let it be.  When shifting my fingers from active (thumb on top of nail) to passive (thumb to tip of finger) my entire body would shift back and forth.  For active GM my lower triangle (lower chakras) and pelvic and hip area would be more energized and active.  For passive GM I would feel the energy shift to my upper triangle (heart center chakras and up) and I would start running by leading with my chest.  It was pretty cool to play around with it and experience the shift in energy throughout my body.
  5. TEDx Talk & Manifesting Miracles – I was assigned the Kirtan Kriya for 40 days at 11 minutes. In doing the exercise I had a friend present an amazing opportunity to possibly give a TEDx talk.  I was up against two other people with much more experience and didn’t think I would stand a chance.  I began seeing myself on stage with the TEDx in the background and a week later I received a call confirming that I would be delivering a TEDx at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, Fl.  This came to a complete surprise for me and I KNOW that Kirtan Kriya is to thank for this seamless and effortless manifestation.  To top it off, I didn’t even fill out an application or talk to anyone on the phone.  A few emails back and forth and I was in!  Pretty freaking amazing!
  6. Holy Shit A Complete Career Enhancement – Last year I went part-time in a job so that I could focus more on clients, my vlog/blog, online programs as well as more time with my daughter.  I was pretty miserable in my position as Account Manager for employee benefit trust funds, but it was paying the bills and supporting my dream so I hung in there.  Many, many times I questioned my sanity but I began receiving the message that I was wasting precious time.  I began looking for my dream support job – part-time, flexible hours, same pay or more, coaching people in a corporate environment, and creating team building activities for employees.  I looked online a few times but nothing stood out.  And then, out of the blue my boss approached me and said that she had a DREAM THAT I WAS: COACHING, ORGANIZING ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS AND NO LONGER IN MY ROLL AS ACCOUNT MANAGER.  WHOA.. JUST WHOA with me here!!  Did that really fucking happen?!  It did.  And now I am a part-time Corporate Coach and Employee Enrichment Coordinator for a wonderful company that supports me and my vision.  Holy cow!!
  7. Clarity Like a MOFO – I see it.  I see where Feed Her Soul is going.  The website, the programs, the vlog, the partnerships and how it will help women all across the globe.  It’s a long road ahead, but I see where it’s going and it’s going to be epic.  It’s very exciting to know and see it in my Soul.
  8. Visuals Like Nobody’s Business – Two times I had extremely vivid visual experiences in my minds eye.  The first one happened in my first weekend in training.  During an intense meditation my mind’s eye showed me a compact mirror open up and then a girl came into the mirror and stared right at me.  It was as if “I” was looking at myself through a portal.  Super crazy and cool. The second set of visuals that I was gifted with were during White Tantric.  During a 62 minute partner meditation I saw visions of mine and my partner’s DNA.  The DNA was crusted in black (picture something that had been on fire and the black crust left behind) and the crust began to fall away.  Parts of the DNA also fell away and then rejoined the DNA were newly formed links made of bright yellow light.  The DNA was shifting inside of me and my partner. It was pretty fucking magical.
  9. The Law of Correspondence – lungs look like trees, beets are good for the blood, celery like like and are good for the bones. There are many correspondences to our human body and nature.
  10. The Power of Words & Frequency of Sound – this topic has been an ongoing learning for me and my Kundalini studies provided a new depth to this knowledge that I continue to embody.  All of our words carry vibration and each vibration is at a specific frequency.  Many mantras are chanted at a certain monotone sound for this purpose.  The words cannot be translated to English because that would then change the sound of the words and therefore they would lose their effectiveness.
  11. It Took Me 10 Years to Talk to My Father – It’s been well over a decade since I spoke with my father.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was visiting my hometown and in conversation with my sister we made the decision to pay a visit to my father’s sisters.  It had been even longer since I saw them and the reunion was very nice. It was then that I got to learn about my father and why he became the man that he is.  I had heard rumors over the years but this was everything laid out with nothing held back.  A raw, honest and heartfelt conversation with his family helped me see why he truly was who he was.  It was not an excuse, but I now had a new understanding.  As a gift from God a shift in perception took place in my heart and I began to see him as a man with mental illness.  In seeing him that way I instantly became more compassionate towards him and forgiveness filled my heart. I showed up on his front porch with pumpkin pie and whipped cream and acted like nothing had ever happened.  I hugged him, kept the conversation light and updated him on my life.  WOW – I can’t believe that actually went down!  10 years without speaking to a person and then boom – just like that a shift occurred.
  12. Emotional Childhood Release & Healing – During a 10-Bodies massage exercise as my partner deeply massaged specific pressure points on my body I began to see visions from my childhood flutter through my mind like a screen play.  The visions were of my stepfather and I could see how he instilled fear in me that had been instilled in him by his parents and  I instantly knew that the fear I was experiencing in my business was related to his fear.  As my massage partner hit upon certain pressure points in my buttox and the backs of my legs I began to release the stored emotions of fear that were in my body that had been put there when he would lash out on me with a belt.  In front of the entire classroom I wailed and cried so hard that I had to cover my face out of embarrassment. My body convulsed as the energy released and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The next day I felt like a new woman and could feel the difference energetically in my body.


Click here to watch the video where I review my experience at White Tantric and describe the visions of DNA healing.

Click here to hear the story of how I was Divinely guided to Kundalini Yoga.

Click here to hear about the HUGE emotional release that unexpectedly occurred in the middle of class.


How to Create Infinite Possibilities When You Feel Limited in Life

Do you ever wish you could just open a door to infinite possibilities when things seem so limited in your life?

Well guess what, sister!  You can.  Quantum physics tells us that all possibilities are available to us depending on our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and energy.  It’s not that the “sky is the limit” it’s our thoughts and beliefs that limit us.  When our mind is expanded the Universe flows and gifts us with other possibilities and opportunities.  One way to expand our mind is to ask questions directly to the Universe.  Yes, the Universe (all that is) is a force field that surrounds us and is very responsive to us and when we ask questions to it, it responds.

Check out today’s Feed Her Soul TV episode to learn the exact phrase I use to open the door to infinite possibilities.  It works!  See for yourself!

Infinite love,

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Don’t forget to COMMENT, LIKE AND SHARE this video!

How to Detox Your Friends

How to Detox Your Friends

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by friends that mean well, but don’t really “get” you, your mission or the essence of who you really are?

From time to time this happens to us all so it’s important to take a step back and analyze our friendships and detox certain people from our lives.  Our interactions with others are meaningful because we are constantly creating our reality based on our current state of being, our thoughts, our beliefs and emotions.  If you are surrounded by people who don’t serve your highest good this can most certainly affect the reality that you create.

Healthy friendships are inspiring, genuinely loving, supportive, co-creative, fun, judgment free, and no strings are ever attached.

Toxic friendships will make you feel drained, insecure, unsafe, worried, judged and compared against, constantly questioning, constantly confused.

When you start to notice that the people you are surrounded by don’t really fall in line with your values and core beliefs it’s time to take a step back from these people.  If you need help releasing someone from your life you can visualize them and yourself moving on with space between the two of you.  See in your mind’s eye each of you finding yourself busy in life and then moving on.  See the space between you filled with good vibes, but distant.  Remember, it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

Instead of giving your energy to friendships that don’t serve you, give your energy to your existing relationships that ARE meaningful.  Stay updated on birthdays, make sure you connect on special holiday’s, drop them a text/call/email when you are thinking of them just to say “hello”, catch up over dinner or lunch for no reason other than to connect, let them know you care.  Nurture and feed the good relationships and step back from the toxic ones!

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Stay awesome!


How to Manifest a Spiritual Posse & Lifetime Friendships

How to Manifest a Spiritual Posse & Lifetime Friendships

Deep, meaningful and lifelong friendships are available to us all.  You can start manifesting your new Spiritual posse and lifelong friendships by watching today’s video.

Having good friends is important.  However, deep and meaningful ones are necessary for you to stay afloat on your Spiritual path.  Our friendships not only say a lot about the type of person that we are, but they also weigh in on the type of person that we aspire to be.  For years I didn’t have any close friends because I relocated to live in South Florida and didn’t know a soul here.  I was also in the very early (and unconscious) years of my healing journey.  For me, I needed to be alone so that I could dive in deep and not be too distracted by outside influences.  But it was painful to be alone.

Over the years I have mindfully attracted very specific types of people into my life because I have a plan for something big and miraculous and I’m going to need the right people in my life to support me along the way.

In today’s episode of Feed Her Soul TV I share with you how you can manifest a Spiritual posse and how to start attracting lifelong friendships that are deep and meaningful to who you are and who you are becoming.

I always LOVE hearing from you, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about today’s episode!

Next week I’ll be sharing about How to Detox Your Friends – so keep an eye out for that!



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