How to Detox Your Friends

How to Detox Your Friends

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by friends that mean well, but don’t really “get” you, your mission or the essence of who you really are?

From time to time this happens to us all so it’s important to take a step back and analyze our friendships and detox certain people from our lives.  Our interactions with others are meaningful because we are constantly creating our reality based on our current state of being, our thoughts, our beliefs and emotions.  If you are surrounded by people who don’t serve your highest good this can most certainly affect the reality that you create.

Healthy friendships are inspiring, genuinely loving, supportive, co-creative, fun, judgment free, and no strings are ever attached.

Toxic friendships will make you feel drained, insecure, unsafe, worried, judged and compared against, constantly questioning, constantly confused.

When you start to notice that the people you are surrounded by don’t really fall in line with your values and core beliefs it’s time to take a step back from these people.  If you need help releasing someone from your life you can visualize them and yourself moving on with space between the two of you.  See in your mind’s eye each of you finding yourself busy in life and then moving on.  See the space between you filled with good vibes, but distant.  Remember, it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

Instead of giving your energy to friendships that don’t serve you, give your energy to your existing relationships that ARE meaningful.  Stay updated on birthdays, make sure you connect on special holiday’s, drop them a text/call/email when you are thinking of them just to say “hello”, catch up over dinner or lunch for no reason other than to connect, let them know you care.  Nurture and feed the good relationships and step back from the toxic ones!

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5 Things Plastic Surgery Taught Me

5 Things Plastic Surgery Taught Me

Having plastic surgery changed my life in ways I never imagined.

Who knew plastic surgery would be such an important teacher in my life!  I had no idea the impact that it would have on my personal and spiritual development and self-love quest. I thought it was going to save my world.  I thought that I was going to become instantly happy with my body as a result.  I thought that I would heal much faster than I actually did.  I thought that it was going to solve all of my problems.  But it didn’t solve all of my problems, it wasn’t the answer I was seeking, and I didn’t become instantly pleased with my body..  It sure as hell taught me a lot about myself though..  so much so that several years later (now) I’m still learning from that experience.

Join the comment party below!!  I want to hear from you and so does everyone else reading this juicy post!!

Have you had any plastic surgery and if so, how did you feel afterward?

Did having plastic surgery solve your personal problem?

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

Would you get plastic surgery again?



What is a Spiritual Relationship?

What is a Spiritual Relationship?


Having a Spiritual Relationship can be a lifesaver!

I get it.  Trust me, I really do get it.  Cutting people out of your life may seem like an impossible task.  I know I’ve felt this way a few times in my life.  You realize that there is someone in your life that you love, but who is not aligned with your values and who is bringing your vibe down.  You notice that you feel angry, sad or annoyed after this person leaves you.  Or you may notice that you have more problems and issues when they are around.  And deep down you know that the relationship is unhealthy.  So what do you do about it?  You choose yourself above all.  You face the fact that this person is probably not going to change anytime soon.  So instead of allowing them to leach onto you and suck your life away, you choose to have a Spiritual Relationship with them instead.  I think it’s important to first forgive this person for what they have done and what they are doing to you and themselves.  And then, consciously choose to love them from a distance.  When you think of them, see the light that is within them and see them happy and healthy, enjoying their life.

Loving someone from a distance is the foundation of a Spiritual Relationship.

The people in our lives affect the way we think, the decisions that we make, they impact our feelings and our overall energy.  Having someone around you that doesn’t serve your highest good changes everything in your life.  Do you see this?  Do you see how the people in your life affect everything in yours?  Consciously choose who you want and don’t want in your life and then pray for help in eliminating the ones who need to move on.  The Universe always supports you when you are making moves towards your highest good because it created you to be happy and to live a fulfilled life.  Don’t worry about how these people will leave your life, just see it happening and gently start putting distance between the two of you and allow the separation to evolve.

Questions to ask yourself about a potential Spiritual Relationship?

  1. How many people do you need to let go of?
  2. Be honest with yourself and address why this person is unhealthy for you.
  3. How do you feel before this person comes around, and how you feel after they have left? 
  4. Does this person bring more problems into your life?
  5. Do you recall a time when this person negatively affected your attitude, your decisions, and your energy?

Ways to gently cut unhealthy relationships out of your life:

  1. Don’t answer their phone calls, texts or emails.. and if you must in the beginning, take your time in responding.
  2. When responding initially, quickly address the subject/reason for the call.  Get to the point and then let them go.  Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Do not give them an attitude of any sort.  Forgive them and see the light within them.
  4. Refrain from calling them at all if you can.  If you must call them for something, again, be short and sweet and to the point.
  5. Visualize this person happily involved in their life, away from you.  See them moving on and see yourself moving on.
  6. Ask the Universe for support with creating distance between the two of you.
  7. If they ask you what your deal is, respond honestly, but to the point and in a loving way. (You may need to plan your words ahead of time.)

I want to hear about you and your Spiritual Relationships.  How many do you have?  How long have you had them?  What was your breaking point and how did it all go down?  How has this changed your life?

Thank you for commenting on this post.  You never know who is reading your comment and what you have to say may just be exactly what someone else needs to be inspired to make a positive change in their life.  Thank you!

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How to Take Charge of Your Health

Let’s face it, self-care is the new health care!  When you take empowered action to educate yourself about your body, nutrition, your physicians and the different ways you can heal, you are not only way ahead of the game, you are in a position to take control of your health.  The days of going to a doctor and following every single direction he/she says word-for-word are long gone.. It’s time to take full responsibility and educate yourself so that you can carry on a conversation, ask the right questions, and have knowledge about other alternatives that are just as effective, if not better than, traditional methods.  I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t listen to your healthcare provider, but I am saying that you should have a good relationship with your doctor and be able to carry on an educated conversation about what’s going on with your body.  Remember, you are the expert on your body and you know it better than anyone!!

What you do to take control of your health?

Do you have good relationships with your doctors?

What are your favorite health resources?

What are your *must have* health apps for the phone?

Post your answers in the comments section below!  Looking forward to hearing from you!


How to Protect Your Sensitivity & Why You Would Want To

How to Protect Your Sensitivity & Why You Would Want To

Protecting your sensitivity will be one of the most influential acts of Self-care that you ever do.  When you take the time to honor your sensitive side and protect your mind, body and soul, you’ll be amazed at the gifts that start to uncover in your life.  I know that you have a special gift too, it’s just that you’ve become desensitized over the years and have not invested the time to tap into them and do the necessary self-care acts protect your sensitivity.

As an Intuitive Personal & Spiritual Development Coach, I’ve been able to take my intuition to a whole new level by protecting my sensitivity.  My clients are astonished at how much I know about what’s going on in their life, with barely even knowing them and with only a few minutes into a conversation.

Enjoy this video and let me know what you do to protect your sensitivity!

Love and light,




How to Disappoint People Gracefully

How to Disappoint People Gracefully

This month is all about Self-care!!  And at the top of self-care mastery is learning the art of disappointing others in a loving, honest and graceful way.  It’s not easy to disappoint others and to say no especially when you’ve been saying “yes” for so long.  But if you want to live a life filled with meaning and purpose then you have to start setting boundaries and saying *NO* to the people in your life.

As a Personal & Spiritual Development Coach, the most common issue that I see with my clients is that they lack the language needed in order to let someone down in a graceful way.  When I craft a personal response for them their courage soars off the charts and saying “no” is now not that difficult to do!

In today’s video I share with you the three (3) things I do before letting someone down.  When you start to do these exercises you life will change in a big way!

I want to hear from you in the comments section below:

When was the last time you had to let someone down in a big way?

What did you do and what did you say to them?

Did you set a healthy boundary for yourself, or did you give in?

If you gave in, what are you planning to do next time differently?

With love and light,



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