2 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

2 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Ro Ferrelli Wayne Dyer Row Your Boat

Dr. Wayne Dyer interpreted a song that I have heard so many times throughout my life but until hearing it from him I had never taken the time to stop and actually listen to the words and what they meant. As you know, my nickname is Ro (short for Rochonda, pronounced Ro-shawn-da).  And all of my life people have teasingly sang the song, “Row, Row, Row your boat”.  My usual smart-ass response is something like “Oh that’s original, did you just think of that!” or “Wow, I have never heard of that one before!”.  But ever since hearing Dr. Dyer’s interpretation I am grateful for the reminder of what this life is really all about.

Enjoy this interpretation of the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row YOUR boat. Not his boat, not her boat, not your mom’s boat, or your friend’s boat, but YOUR boat.  Stop worrying about other people’s boats and the rest of the world.  Worry about your boat and focus on yourself.

Gently… DOWN… the stream.  Yes, downstream! Not upstream.  Many times we get in our boats and turn them backwards and immediately start paddling like crazy upstream against the flow of our jobs, our weight, our relationships, with our finances. We are in the stream “called life” so go with the flow, downstream (also known as the art of allowing coined by Abraham Hicks).  When you are going with the flow downstream, things are easy, there’s no argument, your heart is open, you forgive and as a result you become a vibrational match to your desires (and you are in manifesting mode to attract into your life what you really want).

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…  Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to feel otherwise.  But life is supposed to be good for you so make the best of it, enjoy it and make conscious effort to be a happy person.

Life is but a dream…  this “reality” that we are in is only a dream and we are slowly awakening one by one making our way back home.

It’s almost as if the Universe has been singing to me my entire life through this song, sang by so many people as a gentle reminder to row, row, row my boat.  Let this song forever be a reminder to you to row your own boat.  Focus on yourself, live life downstream, choose happiness and remember it’s all a dream!

With love,

Ro (your boat!)

P.S. What other childhood songs do you know of that have unique and interesting interpretations?  Please share!!  I would love to hear about them.

P.P.S.  This is post 2 of 5 as a tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer and his recent passing.  Don’t miss out on the next 3 posts that are guaranteed to shift the way you think and live.

1 of 5:  A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – A Tidal Wave of Light, Truth, Love & Knowledge

1 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – A Tidal Wave of Light, Truth, Love & Knowledge

Wayne Dyer Tribute Ro Ferrelli

Dr. Wayne Dyer made such an impact on my life and the lives of millions across the globe.  His inner light was reflected in all that he did and his teachings were a tidal wave of truth, love, knowledge, humility, honesty, and compassion.  I feel so deeply blessed to have come across Dr. Dyer’s teachings that spoke so profoundly to my Soul and led to numerous shifts in my being.

This morning in meditation I called upon Dr. Dyer.  Although I’ve never met him face to face, his Soul’s signature was evident; his spirit light and joyous.  He gave me a hug as he graciously accepted my request to join my personal council of Spiritual Guides who are always available to encourage, support and guide me on my Spiritual journey when I need them.

My next few posts are dedicated to Dr. Wayne Dyer as a tribute to all that he taught me and my favorite memories of his teachings that impacted me the most.  I currently have 5 short posts scheduled – they are profound and have the power to reshape the way you think and live your life.  I know, because they have mine.

Don’t EVER let ANYONE take your dreams or visions away from you.

I’ll start by sharing something that Dr. Dyer said in one of his Wayne’s Weekly Wisdom newsletters.  He said that in his earlier years he dreamt of being a teacher.  He held visions of teaching and lecturing to the masses.  And then he said, “Don’t ever let anyone take your dreams or visions away from you.  They are your dreams for a reason.” Those words pierced my Soul.  They stood out so much.  My mind flashed with thoughts of bullied children, helpless women stuck in dead end relationships, single moms trying to make ends-meet, unhappy adults that were stuck in miserable jobs – all of which had forgotten about their dreams and listened to others instead of following their own heart.  It was at that point that I made up my mind.  No one would stand in my way.  You are either with me, or you are not.  And if you are not, that is okay, but this is what I am working towards and this is what I am about.  I made this decision above everything: my marriage, my job, and all relationships in my life.  A shift occurred.

Connecting to Spirit and teaching the light is what energizes my Soul and lights me up.  There is no-thing in this world that is more important than living my purpose.  There are no other options, no plan b and you are either with me, or you are not.

Listen to what longs in your heart and treasure your dreams and visions.  They are yours for a reason; otherwise, they would not be there.  They are sacred.  They are eternally yours.  They are reminders of your sacred contract with the Universe.  Keep them, hold them dear, nurture them and they will come to fruition.  And most importantly, don’t ever let ANYONE take them away from you.

I want to hear about your favorite memory or teaching of Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Did you get to attend one of his workshops or lectures?  Did you read any of his books?  Which one of his quotes have stayed with you through the years?  Post below and share your story!  I can’t wait to read about it.



Twelve Angels at Five

Twelve Angels at Five

Angels at five Ro Ferrelli Blog








I had a very special dream around the age of five that I have cherished throughout my life.  I can still remember it very clearly.  I was in my grandparent’s house and doom and destruction had taken over the planet; I knew in my heart it was the end of the world.  Very scared and alone, I ventured outside the house to find that many of the other homes had been destroyed.  A red clay dust from the earth combined with white ash from fires was settling in the air and covered everything in sight.  With each step I took, tracks were left from my sneakers. I tried calling for others but there was no answer and no sign of life anywhere. A quiet eeriness filled me as I began walking towards the main street to see if I could find other survivors. As I approached the street I could see where a massive earthquake left huge, uneven, jagged cracks in the earth’s crust that carried on as far as the eye could see.  The largest crack was about twenty feet wide and gouged through the main street, parking lots, and the local Osco Drug store.  I approached the edge of the crack and felt the heat from the earth’s magma rise as steam into the atmosphere.  It was smoldering hot and the smell of sulfur was hardly bearable. I could hear car alarms, parts of buildings collapsing and settling, the hissing of steam that spewed from the earth, but there were no sounds of human existence.  I called out from my five year old lungs, “Hellllloooooo… Can anybody here me? Is anybody out there?” but there was no response.  I was alone and terrified.

I sat out on a venture to a place I knew was safe, my childhood church, Wellington Christian Fellowship.  It was a small church made of brick located in the heart of the very small town of Wellington, MO.  I traveled all day by foot down a very long highway that was still intact.  I snacked on some packaged Little Debbie baked goods that I took from a convenience store before leaving the main street.  There was still no sign of life in sight.

I reached the town square where the church was located.  All of the other buildings surrounding the square were destroyed, but the brick church was still standing in one piece.  In fact, it was the only building left standing.  I went inside, but it was dark and no one was there.  I began to weep with hopelessness and despair and made my way across the street to the park, the center of the town square.  I lay in the middle of the green grass clearing, curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.

What seemed like hours later, I gently awakened to the feeling of something warm, sweet and light fold into every crevice around my body.  It was a warmth that I was not familiar with; it was different than the sun.  I laid there in fetal position, not wanting to move because the warm feeling was so comforting, as if the warmth was peace itself folding into me. My arm along with my long tangled cinnamon-brown hair covered my face and I slowly cracked open my eyes to find there was a luminescent light that filled the space around me.  I was scared to look, but I felt that someone patiently awaited my attention.  As I sat up and swept my hair from my face I was surprised to see the base of a very large gown. But there wasn’t only one gown. There were many lined up next to one another, each side by side. I slowly looked up until my head could not go back any further and I could see that I was surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful Angels. I began counting, but didn’t want to be rude and then the answer of 12 was given to me in my mind. They were three times as tall as any of the buildings around and they held hands in a circle around me.  I remember taking special attention to what they looked like, but words were hard to find to describe the beauty that I was seeing. They weren’t like anything I had ever seen before and their color wasn’t like any color I had ever been shown in school.  I can still see them in my mind now and I still have trouble finding the right language to describe it.  In a sense, they were iridescent white, that glowed yellow, but when you looked closely you could see they were composed of a moving energy consisting of every color in the rainbow.  Almost like if you were to get very close up to an old TV screen on a black and white fuzzy channel where you can see little squares of green, red and blue.  But imagine those squares moving around very fast, without any black or gray and instead colors of beautiful pinks, fuchsias, peaches, oranges, blues, greens, and purples – but at the same time, they were glowing white and yellow.

A quite soothing music filled the air and I was consumed with indescribable feelings of unconditional love, wholeheartedness, peace, security and warmth.  A voice spoke to me in my mind and said “Don’t worry child, everything will be okay. You are safe.”

And then I woke up.

As an adult looking back now, I realize that during that time in my life I often felt alone and scared.  I was raised as an only child and my step-father was mentally, emotionally and physically abusive and I feared him very much. I believe that the Angels came to me in my dreams to comfort me during these times.  And it worked!  Not only did I find comfort then, when I look back on this story I find comfort now as well.

Do you recall having any special dreams as a child?  I encourage you to make some time to reflect on these.  Get quiet and go within before writing and ask your higher-self for guidance and assistance with remembering. Then gently move into your writing process.  When you finish keep the story in a special place. I look forward to reading this story again in the years to come.

Have an Angelic week!


A Lesson Overlooked by the Majority

A Lesson Overlooked by the Majority

I really enjoyed this story I heard the other day about a lesson Buddha taught his students without speaking a single word to them.

Upon Buddha’s arrival to teach his daily lesson, he entered the classroom without greeting his students as he normally would.  He looked at no one as he walked out into the middle of the floor where he sat down to join his students.  The room was quiet and the students became very curious as to what today’s lesson would be.  They all watched carefully as Buddha slowly opened his hand to reveal a single pale-pink flower cupped in his palm.  Buddha stared intently at the delicate flower examining it’s every feature.  This went on for several minutes and the students became anxious and uneasy, as they were expecting a lesson from their teacher.  Buddha then picked the delicate flower up by it’s stem and continued looking at its each and every characteristic – the leaves, the sepal, the pale-pink petals.  His gaze would not be broken as he examined in fascination and awe. As this carried on for several minutes longer the students continued to grow confused and impatient.

Just then a smile slowly crept on the face of one of the students who took his attention away from Buddha to the flower.  Buddha looked up to see the student observing the flower as he was and at that moment Buddha stood up, turned around and left the room without saying a single word.  Class was dismissed for the day.

Buddha was teaching a very important lesson; a lesson that was overlooked by the majority. What the student realized is that when we truly appreciate the miracle of nature a sense of bewilderment and deep connection to the greater whole is awakened inside us.  No words are needed as Buddha demonstrated.  Only a quiet focused mind is required to fully appreciate, observe, reflect, connect and know.  We often find ourselves overlooking the simplest of beauty that surrounds us.  

Buddha said that if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

After hearing this story I felt moved to stop and fully appreciate a tangerine that I had just started peeling.  Here are my journaled thoughts from that moment.

The sweet-tart zest of tangerine oil fills my nostrils as I peel the skin from my afternoon snack. The inside of the skin is betraying.  It is off-white and looks like a parched desert road with cracks that spider in every direction, but it is soft and tender and hugs the fruit it shelters.  The outside of the peel is the texture of freshly oiled leather, durable, reliable, and rich in color. The inside feels like worn in suede. The fruit sectionals are petite but promising. As I separate them from one another a bead of juice escapes and lands on my lip. I fold my bottom lip under my teeth to scrap the flavor onto my tongue and the sweet-tartness of tangerine teases my pallet.  My mouth instantly waters for more. I take my time to eat each slice of tangerine one by one and it is a delight. It is miraculous.

It’s not every day that I get all poetic and sentimental about my food… in fact, I will admit that this is a first timer for me.  But I can say one thing for sure: When I gave my undivided attention to be present and in the moment with my tangerine it made the experience come to life in a way that I have never experienced before.  It went from “having a snack” to having a special experience where I gained a deeper perspective of the miraculous anatomy of a tangerine.  It’s amazing to think about the complexities of the cells that just come together to form such a simple piece of fruit.

I wouldn’t say that my whole life has changed as Buddha suggested in his flower lesson, but I suppose that’s because I didn’t see the miracle clearly enough.  I wonder what I could do to see more clearly.

What do you think I could do to see miracles more clearly so that my whole life will change as Buddha suggested?  Do you do any exercises to practice being in the moment?  Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.



I really love the soulful journey that I am on and I am always looking for ways to connect with my daughter on a spiritual level.  My friend Vanessa Gobes (blog: www.bringingupbuddhas.com) introduced me to a very simple, yet wonderful bedtime exercise that I really enjoy doing with my daughter.  Each night after story time we say our “I AM” affirmations while relaxing in the dark. I start off by walking her through a couple of deep breaths to set the mood.  She’s 3, so deep breaths consist of exaggerated snarls inhaled through the nose and a slobber spray with her tongue out for an exhale – but hey, what else would you expect?! I then state an affirmation which she repeats out loud (sometimes very loud in a shouting/lyrical kind of way).  “I AM special.  I AM kind.  I AM blessed.  I AM thankful.  I AM healthy.  I AM funny.  (She usually cracks up laughing after this one to confirm that she knows she is funny…!) I AM generous.  I  AM intelligent.  I AM light.  I AM enough.  I AM unique.  I AM creative.  I AM beautiful.”  What’s so special is that almost every time just as we get into it she will stop me and say, “Mommy, Angel is here.”  Yes. She sees her guardian angel and his name is Angel – go fig. 🙂   I love this exercise – it’s one that serves us both in creating positive, loving thoughts to appreciate ourselves.

Saying affirmations are like planting seeds.  When these “seeds” are planted and nurtured, they can’t help but to blossom.  The question is are you planting weeds or hydrangeas?

Serendipity on a Bus in NYC

Serendipity on a Bus in NYC

I don’t mind traveling alone.  Sometimes I prefer it that way.  I find that when I travel alone and venture out of my norm and I am all by myself there is a freedom that encompasses my being.  A freedom to wear what I want and to own my look, a freedom to eat what I choose and feel good about whatever it is that I put in my mouth, a freedom to speak as I wish or to just stay silent and turn inward without distraction.  This freedom is “allowed” and flows because my titles are temporarily suspended and there’s no one to judge.  I don’t have to be Mom, or wife, or company representative.  I can just be “go with the flow Ro” and I absolutely love that.  But the BEST part of traveling alone is the serendipitous conversations that happen with random strangers.

This past November I went to a writer’s conference in New York.  I took the bus from the airport to my hotel – it was a nice long ride through the city.  At first I sat on the end isle seat so that I wouldn’t have to share my space with a stranger.  I quickly learned that that idea was not going to last as the bus filled up by the second stop.  So I scooted over to make a seat available and an older woman sat down next to me.  My immediate thought was, “Ugh, this lady smells..…..musty.  Great! Just great! I hope her stop comes soon.”  And then a little voice inside me said, “Why are you so quick to judge?  It’s just a smell.  You don’t know what her day has been like.  Maybe she’s an amazing person and here you are discrediting her because she smells a little musty.  She could just be wearing an old coat.” I thought.  I felt my inner guidance was right so I turned to her and smiled and we began talking.

She asked what brought me to New York and I explained that I was attending a writer’s workshop.  She said, “Oh! That’s great.  You’re an author.  What books have you written?”  “Oh no, I’m not an author.  Not yet anyways. I just journal a lot and I am planning to write a book.” I explained.  “I see. So what do you write about?” she asked. I had to think about it because I am so new to explaining this new passion and I’m not used to telling anyone about it, but I had the feeling inside that this conversation was happening for a reason, a reason that I couldn’t understand just yet. “Mostly inspiring stories and spirituality”, I blurted.  I saw her draw back slightly and pause.  “So you believe in God?” she asked.  “I do.  But I’m just not sure God is who I was raised to believe that “he” is” I said. “So what do you believe?” she asked.  What a loaded question!  I just met this lady and here she is asking me about my personal beliefs about God.  “Well, that’s something that I am working on figuring out. But I believe that we are all spiritual beings have a physical human experience on earth.  That we are here to love, find love, be loved, have lovers, explore, learn, make friends and to just enjoy this life overall.  I believe the purpose of life is to seek joy, but there are many of us who have forgotten this on our journey here.  I think we chose to be born with certain parents and with certain living conditions so that we can learn from each life experience that we have so our soul can continue evolving and growing.  In a nut shell, that’s what I believe.”  She nodded quietly and then asked, “Do you believe in Angels?”  “Absolutely” I responded.   “Do you think… (pause) Do you think we have guardian Angels?” she asked. Her energy shifted from our first introduction and I could tell that her questions had deep meaning.  “Yes. We all do.” I said. Her chin began to wrinkle as she held back her emotion.  “My husband died about six months ago.  It’s been so hard without him.  We were together for 35 years.”  She exhaled and tears began to run down her face.  I couldn’t imagine losing someone so close to me after so many years together. I am fortunate that I have yet to experience the death of anyone that close to me.  I felt her sadness and after a moment I reached for her hand.  We sat there in silence and cried together.

I wanted to say something to make her feel better so I began searching for the right words.  Not knowing what to say I asked Source to give me the right words and this is what what came to me, “He’s not your guardian angel because your guardian angel has been with you since your birth.  But I want you to know that he is with you and just because you can’t see him I want you to know that he is always here.  He is here right now and he loves you very much.”  She smiled and nodded in agreement as she wiped her tears from under her eyes.  She looked at me and said, “I think you have a great future ahead of you.  I hope you write many books.”  Her words touched my heart.  “Thank you.  Thank you so much.  That means the world to me.” I said.

From there our conversation was lighter as we discussed the city and the weather.   Her stop came soon thereafter and we hugged and split ways.

It’s almost like we were undercover angels for one another and it is clear that our serendipitous conversation served more than one purpose.  It helped me clarify and find words to explain my beliefs. She was able to express and release her feelings regarding the loss of her late husband.  And her ending words were just what I needed to hear to confirm that I was on the right path.  As complete strangers on a bus in the middle of NYC, we connected on such a profound level and that was special.  It’s amazing what happens when we stop judging one another and just be our true loving and friendly selves.

When was the last time you had a random, but profound conversation with a stranger?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Have a blessed day,


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