Are You a Conscious Shopper?

Are You a Conscious Shopper?

Conscious Shopper Ro Ferrelli blog

I do my absolute best to be a conscious shopper.  This means a lot of things that I’ll get to in just a minute, but first let’s just examine the common scenarios when it comes to shopping, especially around this time of year.  I look at the masses and I see hundreds of thousands of people swept away by consumerism – being led to: buy this new toy, use these coupons to save here, buy something on this day and get a better deal… the list goes on and on. It’s exhausting.

Earlier this year I started asking myself, “When was the last time I just went out and bought what I WANTED WHEN I WANTED it?”  I couldn’t think of the last time this had truly happened (even my weekly grocery haul was being hijacked by couponing).  For everything it was like I had to wait for a sale, or for a coupon to come through in the mail, I looked for a manufacturer coupon online, or I purchased a similar product and not the one I actually wanted because of the coupon I had. I was being “led” to buy certain things on certain days before a certain date and often I had to buy more than what I actually needed to get the deal.  Buy, save, buy more, save more, buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend, more, more, more.

When I think about all of the time spent in contemplating what I want to buy, waiting or searching for a coupon, then showing up during a certain time period to buy this thing it adds up to a lot of time and emotional stress that is connected to a lack consciousness.  This type of lack thinking is reiterating to the Universe that I can’t afford what I want when I want it.  And that’s bull.  As a standard consumer I felt robbed of my time in searching for deals and waiting them out for the right time, controlled by the invisible market place people, annoyed that I was contributing to my lack thinking, and pissed when I missed my expiration date deadline on my coupon (which happened a lot!).  It was time for me to shift out of this state and that’s when I started CONSCIOUSLY SHOPPING.

[IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: I was told by a very successful Life Coach, JB Glossinger aka Morning Coach, that if I wanted to invite more money into my life I would have to ADD VALUE to my life.  In order to add value you have to stop being SO DAMN CHEAP.  That means to stop shopping only the sales racks, to give up coupons, and to forgo your regular routine of only shopping at places like Walmart.  This stand alone advice started my Conscious Shopping journey.  And just an FYI, this is a work in progress.  It’s very doable, but definitely not easy at first for someone who was known as a bargain hunter like myself.  A gradual shift is occurring though – in my wallet and in my shopping.]

Conscious Shopping Tips:

  1. Birthday & Holiday Gift Notes. Throughout the year I keep a running list in the notes section of my phone of specific gifts that I want to buy for others.  When the time comes for me to make a purchase I just do it.  I don’t wait for special sales, cyber days or black Fridays.
  2. Goodbye Coupons. I no longer clip coupons.  I just stopped.  I don’t waste time looking through the paper or online for deals, clipping coupons from the Sunday paper, putting them in an envelope and then searching for these items at the store.  If there is something I want I just go out and buy it.
  3. List. Before I go to the grocery store there are a couple of things that I do.  I pick one or two recipes that I want to make for that week and include the ingredients that I need to purchase on my shopping list.  I then take a look in my cabinets and add to my list the things that I need to stock up on.  The key here is having a list to go by.  For me, when I just show up at the store unprepared I end up spending more on things that I don’t really need, or on things that I already have.
  4. Goodbye Bogos. 99% of the time I disregard “bogos” and “buy more save more” opportunities.  Unless I really want to try whatever it is that’s on bogo, I just look for my favorite brand or the thing that I really want and purchase that instead.  So instead of getting two pepperoni pizzas bogo, I will get a California Kitchen Spinach Artichoke pizza that I love.  And then when the time comes to make this pizza I will be excited because this is what I love to eat and it’s what I look forward to eating.  [As a side note:  Our emotions play a critical role in creating our reality so having bursts of excitement in our lives is important even if it’s over pizza!]  As for buy more save more, I only do this for items like toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, etc.
  5. I get what I want.  Instead of buying three pairs of mediocre shoes at Target, I buy one pair of well made shoes that I am in love with and when I wear them I feel really good about myself and I take better care of my purchase.  I keep it clean, I handle with care, I put them away nicely – I have different respect for the things that I’ve invested in.
  6. Credit Cards. I only buy what I can afford.  This past year I got out of debt and I’m staying out of debt!  My credit card is officially reserved for emergencies only.  I make all of my purchases directly from my bank account, that’s it.  If there is something a little more pricey that I want, I save for a couple of weeks until I have the money and then I make the conscious purchase with anticipation and excitement.

What I’ve realized is that when I spend a little more on a gift for someone or on something for myself, I feel better about my purchase.  As a result, an energy of appreciation, self love and worth naturally emanate and this is the kind of energy I chose to embody.  As a conscious shopper I own the fact that I do have enough money to buy the things that I really want, that I am supported by the Universe and live an abundant lifestyle, and that I am worth every single penny spent.

I need to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Money and how we shop are sensitive subjects.  I’m specifically interested in hearing if you have changed the way you shop like I have and what your experience has been.  Please post a comment below!!  Thousands of people stop by this blog everyday and you just never know who will be inspired by what you’ve posted – it could be just exactly what someone needs to hear in order to make a positive shift in their life.

With heaps and bounds of love and gratitude to you,


A Divine Typo…

A Divine Typo…


Divine Typo Ro Ferrelli

I was recently working on my bio for a speaking engagement and in green-tea, fast typing mode I quickly typed: Feed Her Soul, a blog geared towards helping women connect with their inner truth.  Whoa, wait a sec!  Feed Her Soul?  My blog is called Feed Your Soul… but hold on now… I kinda like Feed Her Soul!  Where did that come from?!

There’s no escaping the magic of the Universe; it is always responding to our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, vibration.  Sometimes it sneaks right in when we are writing, other times it speaks to us through a random sign we pass by, or when we bump into a new friend that tells us just what we needed to know, guiding us on our path.  This is the Universe responding, speaking and filling in the blanks.  When we give consistent, conscious thought to a grand vision – the Universe will fill in the blanks with the details.  When we mindlessly wonder through our life without a grand vision the Universe is still responding but only reflecting back randomness.

I have a plan and a grand vision.  I’m not 100% clear on all of the details, but I know the general direction that I need to move in.  All that’s left is for me to stay out of my way and allow the Universe to fill in the blanks and bring everything together.

This typo was one of those Divine moments where the Universe snuck in a little missing detail to help fill in the blanks of my vision.  I dream to help women around the world become more spiritually connected and live more authentically.  What’s more suiting than a complimenting blog called:  Feed Her Soul?  Not too shabby, eh?

So my blog has officially been renamed to Feed Her Soul thanks to the Universe for sneaking in a Divine typo.

Now, I want to hear from you!  How does the Universe speak to you?  Is it usually through people,  a reoccurring sign?  I want to hear about it in the comments section below.  

Be specific. There are hundreds of people who read this blog looking for inspiration and insight.  Your story may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!  You make writing this blog one of my favorite things to do.

With so much love,


4 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Meditations for Manifesting to Literally Create Your Heart’s Desire

4 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Meditations for Manifesting to Literally Create Your Heart’s Desire

Meditations for Manifesting Ro Ferrelli

I cross paths with a lot of meditations because I like to dabble around, but there are few that I hold on to for the long run.  I picked up the audio book Meditations for Manifesting: Morning and Evening Meditations to Literally Create Your Heart’s Desire by Dr. Wayne Dyer about 4 years ago and it’s become one of my go-tos.

In this audio book, Wayne explains that these ancient meditations incorporate sacred teachings that have been held secret for centuries.  He explains that with the understanding of these teachings you will be able to manage the coincidences in your life and have things begin to show up that are seemingly unexplainable.  He suggests that when you reach another level of consciousness you are able to bring things to you, instead of you going to it, through your intention.  This level of consciousness is known as Citi Consciousness (aka perfect consciousness) where you begin to manifest without the use of the mind and instead through the power of sound.

If you think of all of the names that have been given to the Creator, whether it be in primitive, modern, western or eastern cultures, they all have one thing in common.  They all carry the same sound when pronounced.  A few are Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Ra, God.  Say each of these out loud slowly and you will hear an ‘ahhhhh’ sound contained within each word.  Ahhhhh is associated with joy and it’s the sound used to create something from nothing – procreation.  In order to manifest an idea, we can use the sound ahhhhh to create/manifest.

The meditations in this recording include a series of guided chantings by Dr. Dyer.  In between chants he guides your thoughts to exactly what it is that you are trying to manifest, which is nice for redirecting thoughts during those chattering monkey moments.  I give this audio book 5 stars and 2 thumbs up – without a doubt.  Click here if you are interested in picking up a copy for yourself.

Do you know of or have you heard of any similar meditations like this one?  What’s your all-time favorite meditation?  Please share the love below for us all to check out!  You never know who will read your post and be inspired by it!



VLOG: The Best Birthday Gift For Your Soul

VLOG: The Best Birthday Gift For Your Soul


I’m doing something a little different this year for my birthday.  I thought I’d embark on a new journey and self-care challenge after being guided to attend a Kundalini Meditation class, that I actually thought was a Kundalini Yoga class.  It’s amazing how Spirit guides us when we ask for something new.  Now, only a few short months later I am committing to a special challenge as a gift and opportunity to further develop my true self.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.  In the comments below, write down one idea that you plan to do differently for yourself on your next birthday, OR something really awesome that you did in the past.  You never know who will read your post and get inspired, so share your thoughts below.

Thank you so much for sharing this on your favorite Social Media platform and for spreading the love this video has to offer.



P.S. Know of a Soul-centered friend who has a birthday coming up? Let them know you care and share this post with them and encourage them to do something good for themselves that will feed their Soul.


::The books referenced in the video are as follows::

Numerology for Self Mastery

Tantric Numerology

3 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Change the Way You Look at Things, & The Things You Look at Will Change

3 of 5: A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – Change the Way You Look at Things, & The Things You Look at Will Change

Atom Ro Ferrelli

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer goes like this:  Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.  Some might wonder what this actually means.. and well, simply stated it means exactly what it implies. Our thoughts are beyond powerful.  They literally have the power to alter physical reality, to heal, to make matters better or worse and to manifest on the smallest or largest of scales.  This is all brought to light by quantum physics which shows us that at the tiniest subatomic level, the actual act of observing a particle changes the particle.  The way we observe these infinitely small building blocks of life is a determining factor in what they ultimately become.

Einstein once said, “The most fundamental decision that you have to make in your life is this: do you live in a friendly or a hostile Universe?”  Do you live in a Universe filled with hatred, hostility, people that are mean and angry?  Is this what you see?  Because if this is what you believe and this is what you see, this is what you will create for your life.

I think we know this on a deeper level – because it’s in our core.  It’s why we choose to find the good in things, why we make an effort to move beyond a bad experience and get on with our lives, and why we hold sayings like “everything happens for a reason” near and dear.  Deep down we know that if we change the way we look at things it makes for a better experience.

Now take this saying on conscious level and use it intently.  Change the way you look at your body, at your life, at your weaknesses, at your friendships, the world.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.

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Changing the way you look at things


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