I recently had two very vivid and distinct dreams.  In the first dream I was looking in the mirror when I noticed a tiny blackhead on my cheek.  I leaned in close to the mirror, positioned my pointer fingers around the blackhead and applied pressure to squeeze it out.  But when I went to squeeze, my fingers sunk into my cheek similar to what happens when you squeeze a piece of rotten fruit.  (I know, it was pretty freakin gross!)  I cleansed my cheek and all around the surrounding area wiping away the rotten mush.  I was left with a deep cavity that spidered out all over my cheek, a raw, opened wound.  I knew I needed to take care of it and let it heal.  And then I woke up!

The dream was so vivid, so real, that I knew it held a special message.  Unsure of what that was I asked the Universe, “What are you trying to tell me? What does this dream mean?”  I went back to sleep as a second dream ensued.

[Brace yourself! This next part gets a little gross!]

In this dream I was stuck on the toilet with horrible diarrhea.  I know… disgusting, right?!  When I finally finished the toilet was filled with a heap of crap so big, I could not possibly flush it away.  And then I woke up, again!

This time the first word in my mind was “CLEANSE”.  The Universe had answered clearly with a second dream and specific word.  It was clear that my body was communicating to me letting me know that I need to do a deep cleanse of my body.

The first day of the cleanse many emotions started to surface; I was very uncomfortable and I found it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks.  The second day I woke up still feeling uncomfortable, but could now easily identify my feelings:  stress, anxiety and fear.  As soon as I labeled my feelings it came to me that the real reason I was experiencing them weren’t because I was hungry (because honestly, I wasn’t) it was because I had these feelings all along, but had been constantly suppressing them with crappy foods not allowing the feelings to fully surface and move through me.  I had buried my emotions under pizza, ice cream and other junkie foods for the past several months.

This past year the growth and success of my Coaching business has been overwhelming.  So many hidden fears of uncertainty, self-doubt, “what if syndrome,” and “Holy shit this is really fucking happening” have been coming up.  I didn’t consciously realize to what extent this was affecting me. My body did though.  My body was suffering because instead of letting these emotions move through me, I was suppressing them.  My body knew that a deep cleanse was what I needed.

“Emotions are meant to move through you. 

When you hold them in it wreaks havoc on your body.” 

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Has this ever happened to you?

Do your dreams speak to you?

Does your body speak to you in other ways?

Have you ever unveiled a hidden message within your dreams?

Do you ever cleanse your body with a detox? And if so, how often do you cleanse?

I want to hear from you!  Post your answers in the comments section below.



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