This month is all about Self-care!!  And at the top of self-care mastery is learning the art of disappointing others in a loving, honest and graceful way.  It’s not easy to disappoint others and to say no especially when you’ve been saying “yes” for so long.  But if you want to live a life filled with meaning and purpose then you have to start setting boundaries and saying *NO* to the people in your life.

As a Personal & Spiritual Development Coach, the most common issue that I see with my clients is that they lack the language needed in order to let someone down in a graceful way.  When I craft a personal response for them their courage soars off the charts and saying “no” is now not that difficult to do!

In today’s video I share with you the three (3) things I do before letting someone down.  When you start to do these exercises you life will change in a big way!

I want to hear from you in the comments section below:

When was the last time you had to let someone down in a big way?

What did you do and what did you say to them?

Did you set a healthy boundary for yourself, or did you give in?

If you gave in, what are you planning to do next time differently?

With love and light,



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