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On my birthday this year (September 8th) I committed to 40 days of a specific Kundalini meditation.  I had initially wanted to do 1,000 days for Self-Mastery as my numerology report suggested, but as I read more about Sadhana’s (committed spiritual practices to obtain a particular result) the fear crept in and I decided to start small with a 40 day commitment.

The first 40 days were AMAZING! Shifts left and right, slight changes, big changes, leaps and bounds in all directions were occurring in my life!  It was as if my consciousness had merged with another reality – a reality that was still my own, but this one was much better – this new reality was enhanced!  In fact, I began noticing so many changes that I started taking notes in my phone every time something out of the ordinary happened.  Here are the results from the first 40 days of my Kundalini Sadhana:

  1. I received a check for $4,500 from something that happened over 6 years ago
  2. For the first time in my life I was able to completely eliminate refined sugar from my diet without any stress about it or cravings. It was simply a decision that I made and just like that I stopped consuming it for 18 days one month, then 16 days the next.
  3. I went down a pant size from a 10 to an 8 (something I’ve been struggling with for a loooong time)
  4. For the first time I was eating whole and clean while maintaining a regular workout regimen. Usually it is one or the other, but the fact that I was balancing both was a wonderful feeling.
  5. I was offered two speaking engagement opportunities, one of them as a key note speaker!
  6. I received a title and salary promotion at my day job.
  7. Lots of extra money trickled in from random sources. An extra $30 here, $100 there – this happened on several

I know what you’re thinking, “Holy shit! Why did you stop?!”  I know, I know… Looking back it seems crazy that I would have ever stopped but here’s what happened.  When I approached day 40 I was totally gung-ho to go to 60 days – I mean who wouldn’t be after a run like that?!  Day 60 approached and nothing additional had really happened.  The shifting stopped and the magic wasn’t there like before.  No more WOWs were manifesting.  At day 60 I committed to another 30 days making my next goal 90 days.  Day 90 arrived.  The meditations were easy, and repetitive and I was starting to get bored.  At the time I hadn’t noticed anything else shifting and I felt as if I had plateaued.  Although looking back now I can see that the urge to start stretching and doing a quick run of traditional yoga poses pre meditation had crept into my daily practice during this time frame.  I felt good and things were running smoothly, but I wasn’t seeing magical results like I had in the beginning.

Day 90 ended a week and a half ago and I am having Kundalini withdrawals.  I haven’t been meditating every morning, I lost my office space at my job and got moved to a cubicle (totally shitty), I’ve been eating shit food, my energy levels are down, horrible and time consuming projects are coming out of the walls at work, I’m back to a size 10 (respectively – there’s nothing wrong with this size I just prefer my pre-pregnancy size 8), my face is broke out, I feel very overwhelmed and easily annoyed.

So the next question is, when am I starting again.  I feel like it needs to happen soon and I’m contemplating starting on January 1st (that does seem ideal) but I don’t know if I can wait that long.  I may just start back up tomorrow.

What is your experience with Kundalini meditation?  Have you experienced this type of withdrawal/backlash with meditation or energy work before?  Please, please share!  I’m really interested (and I’ll bet money that everyone else reading this blog is interested too) in knowing about your experience and how it panned out for you.

As always, thank you sooo much for taking the time to read, comment and share my posts with your closest friends and family.

With infinite love,


[p.s. after writing this post I went to my car and did a Kundalini meditation.  Writing about all of the goodness that came from this practice has me eager to start back up again.  It’s on!]

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