Manifesting Miracles Bootcamp!

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Are you ready to take your dreams seriously and start manifesting like a freaking maniac?!  Yeah!  That’s what I said!  A FREAKING MANIAC.  If you are ready to make a serious shift in your life and start manifesting left, right, and inside out then YOU NEED to sign up for this course.

This 6-week course dives deep into what it takes to start manifesting the life you dream of living.  These are the exact processes that I used to manifest my beautiful home, my career working from home, the exact conception of my daughter, my amazing mango tree, my daughter’s teachers, and literally thousands of other amazing miracles.

Stop working so hard and start leveraging the magic of the Universe!  I’ll show you exactly how in this 6-week course.

I’m not playing arouund and I know you are tired of the bullshit.  So let’s do this once and for all.

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Modern Day Vision Boards

An overview of why vision boards are essential, how they work, and exactly what you need to do to create a vision board that is guaranteed to work!

M.V.P. Breakdown

A detailed review and breakdown of Meditation, Visualization and Prayer and how all three are different, yet similar.  Exactly how to use all three of these to leverage the manifesting power of the Universe.

Energetic Clearing & Healing

A stepy by step review of proven methods that are guaranteed to clear stagnant energy that blocks you from manifesting to your fullest potential.

High Vibe Livin'

Keeping your vibrational frequency up is essential to manifesting.  This week focuses on prioitizing your life in a new way that puts what’s really important at the forefront of your day-to-day.  This exercise makes it easy to say no to the things that are no longer serving you, and yes to the things that matter so that you can become a manifesting magnet.

Crystal Grids for Activation

Crystal grids are a powerful tool that when used correctly can amplify the manifestation process.  I’ll take you from A-Z on how to do this process the right way so that you can amplify your manifesting abilities with sacred geometry, crystals and the law of attraction.

Self-care, Mantras & Affirmations (that really work!)

Self-care is a hidden gem when it comes to manifesting and is often over looked.  When you take care of your needs and your desires, the Universe literally shifts everything around you to support this.  I’ve combined this module with the process of creating meaningful mantras and affirmations that actually work!  Yes, there is a secret to do them right and I share that with you in this module.

Manifesting Miracles Bootcamp

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What People Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“Ro knows her stuff, that’s for sure!  I’m excited for this program because I have worked with her one-on-one before and it was a life changing experience. EVERYTHING changed.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this program will help me level up! God knows I need to!”

Sara W.

Financial Planner, Coldwell Bank

“Ro is such a bright light and her programs are always jam packed with Divine wisdom you just don’t hear of everyday.  Ro actually helped me manifest a scholarship for my daughter, as well as debt free living that I’ve maintained for over two years.  I know there is a huge need for this information and anyone who signs up for the bootcamp is going to benefit tremendously.”

Brenda M.

Branch Manager, Chicco's

“I’ve learned so much from Ro over the years when it comes to my vibrational alignment and manifesting.  She is an expert in these fields.  Last year she helped me manifest a pay increase and promotion from a state director position to an area director for all of the Southeast region for my company.  She is amazing and her work is legit. You won’t be disappointed!”

Tianna D.

Southeast Regional Sales Director, Compucare Hospital Software Systems

I'm tired of the bull... I"m ready to make a shift from the inside out!


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