When it comes to prayers, it’s not the size that counts!  In other words, the longer your prayer is doesn’t make it better or more effective.  What matters is that the prayer focuses on the desired outcome, elevates the thought through the heart and mind, is said with wholehearted intentions for a positive outcome, and that you have faith and trust in the Universe to deliver.

Your prayer can be as little as two words, as I’ve described in today’s Feed Her Soul episode.  As you continue to get to know me, you’ll learn that I like shortcuts (aka, a better way of doing things).  This has been the case since the second grade when I discovered I could use the summary on the back of the book for my book report.. Some call that cheating, but I call it being efficient and resourceful. The same applies here, as with many things.  You don’t have to have a three page prayer to get results, but if your heart and mind are in the right place, a two word prayer works just as good!

I hope you enjoy today’s Feed Her Soul video and that you’ll take a quick moment to forward this message to your Spiritual homegirls.  Let’s feed our souls and elevate!

With big love,


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1. How have you experienced the power of prayer? 

2. Do you pray every day?  

3. Do you have a long or a short prayer you’d be willing to share with us here?



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