Have you ever signed up for something and then questioned your sanity after the fact?  HA…!  That’s exactly what I did last year after I signed up for the Miami Half Marathon.  A friend talked me into signing up and with an entire year to train I figured I’d have no problem achieving my goal.  I mapped out a monthly training schedule and looked forward to destination training runs throughout South Florida; but neither of these happened.  I fell off track constantly and I never once ran outside of my surrounding neighborhood.  Some months I could barely run because of my hectic schedule, or from a lack of time and energy, and other months I didn’t run at all.  Many times I felt like there was no way in hell I’d finish alive.  So I granted myself permission – as long as I showed up, I allowed myself to walk if I needed to, and when I could I would train.

There was one run that made all the difference though.  The Universal synchronicity was undeniable and I knew I was being Divinely guided to keep going when I all I wanted to do was GIVE UP.  Watch today’s video blog (VLOG) to hear all about it.  This one phrase carried me through all the months of training, excuses and the times when I felt like giving up altogether.

What’s the farthest distance you’ve ran?

Have you ran a half or full marathon before?  Would you?  Why or why not?

What do you do to shift your energy from the inside out?

Leave a comment below!!  I want to hear from you!!

With love,



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