Ro Ferrelli has a passion and gift for captivating audiences with her insightful real life stories. From her humble beginnings, ah-ha moments and suspenseful jaw-dropping “I can’t believe I just did that!” life experiences, she sheds light on all that she has gone through in a raw and vulnerable, yet humorous and truly authentic way.  Ro’s motivational stories and transformational workshops deeply touch her audiences as they join her in laughter, tears and relatability.

Below highlights a few of Ro’s more popular keynotes and workshops, but surely not all of them!  

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Ideal Audiences

Women’s Leadership, Women’s Organizations, Spiritual Communities, Mental Health Awareness, Leadership Conferences, Female Entrepreneurs

Popular Speaking Topics

Life Transformation, Extreme Self-Care, Conscious & Mindful Living, Beginners Meditation, Manifesting Your Vision, Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs, Spirituality, Intuitive Knowing, Work/Life/Family Balance, Conscious Communication, Healing Addiction


Keynote, Seminar, Workshops, Assembly

Meditation 101

It’s clear to see that in this “information age” we are more stressed than ever!  Our minds are constantly taking in and filtering information every millisecond of the day.  What most people don’t know is that you have to clean your mind.  You have to clean and clear it regularly in order to balance all aspects of your life.

Ro shares with her audience how meditation took her life to the next level as she reviews before and after pictures of her life with and without meditation.  It’s very clear to see with her real life examples that meditation had a significant impact on her health, finances, home, career and relationships.  Ro went from being 70 pounds overweight, living in a small townhome that was falling apart and which her and her husband had overpaid for, being in a job where she worked 60-70 hours a week that didn’t feed her soul, and unhappy with her life in general, TO returning her body to a healthy weight that she has maintained for 5+ years, purchasing a home 3 times the size of her previous one at $100k under market value, eliminating debt, managing her health and sleeping disorder without medication, and finding purpose in her life by sharing her story, and life coaching other women through one on one relationships and group programs online.

Ro reviews different types of meditation, answers questions about having a meditation practice, and teaches the audience how they can start meditating and changing their lives in as little as three minutes a day.

Life transformation from the inside out

So many women struggle with moving forward in their life and getting what they really want because of past traumatic experiences that aren’t fully healed. Ro empowers women to heal and forgive not only the ones who hurt them, but to also forgive and love themselves.  Her story demonstrates that when a woman does this, her life begins to take a completely new direction – a radical road to healing, inner peace, self love and true fulfillment; a transformation from the inside out.

Ro shares her very personal story of being raised by a young mother, going through mental, physical and sexual abuse as a young girl, and then being abandoned by two fathers.  As a young woman, these traumatic and unhealed experiences led her down paths of substance abuse, addictions to stealing and unhealthy relationships of all types.  Ro openly and lovingly shares about how these experiences were gifts in disguise that led her to a Spiritual awakening of her inner power and wisdom which now leads her life. 

manifesting miracles workshop

The Manifesting Miracles Workshop stems from Ro’s 6-week online Manifesting Miracles Bootcamp and is a perfect addition to your conference, retreat or seminar.  Topics can be customized based on your event’s objective and intention and could include lectures on energetic clearing and healing, meditation, prayer, visualization, modern-day vision boards, mantras for manifesting, enrichment stamps, raising your vibrational frequency, extreme self-care, and empowered action.

If your group is ready to move their vision into reality and to make serious shifts in their life so they can start manifesting immediately, then this workshop is perfect for your program.

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