In order for our planet to heal, the people must heal.  In order for the people to heal there must be equality.  In order for there to be equality there must be a rise and expansion of divine feminine energy.

See it with me.  See the balancing of the planet.  See the benefits of female leaders to all nations across the globe.  See the bigger picture where man and woman come together to co-create societies that persevere, societies who benefit the greater good of all of humanity and not just for themselves.  You see, that’s what women bring to the table; they bring a fresh perspective that is all encompassing.  They are innate nurturers, mothers, healers and intuitives.  Yes, men are good and they are needed.  But they are highly focused and not as expansive in their thinking.

Today’s Feed Her Soul TV episode discusses this in depth.  Enjoy and forward this to your favorite females.

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  • Do you believe the future is female?  Share your vision below – I really want to hear this (and so does everyone else!)

  • What do you do in your community now as a female leader?

  • Who are some of your favorite female leaders?

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