It was during a morning meditation that I was assured my next step should be the Raw Food Chef Certification course through the Living Cuisine Academy.  The idea had been on my mind for a while and as I went within and asked for direction it was clear as day that this was my next step.  I always trust my inner guidance, but I wasn’t sure why this was something I needed to do, however, I followed orders and now I see clearly why I was guided to take this course.

First and foremost, the entire experience was WAY MORE than what I had expected.  I’m actually not really sure what I was expecting, as I have never taken any kind of cooking class before, nor do I have any type of cooking skills, but whatever my expectations were they were exceeded by far!  Not only did I learn several raw recipes, including some of my favorites of all time like the Green Wave Café Burrito dish and Pumpkin Spice ice-cream (WHICH IS FREAKING AMAZING BTW!!), but I also learned so much about our food and its nutritional content, the standard American diet, processed food, GMO’s, the dairy/cattle/pig/sugar/grain/gluten industries, and the reasons why Americans are the most obese, diseased, medicated, medically treated, unhealthy, and depressed people IN THE WORLD.  IT IS IN OUR FOOD!!!  SO MUCH MORE THAN WE REALIZE..  SO MUCH THAT IT IS SCARY!  What a wakeup call this course was.

Here’s a few interesting facts that I picked up from the lectures: 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women in America will get Cancer, the #1 killer of women in America is Heart Disease, 2/3 of American’s are overweight and 1/3 are considered obese, grain is highly correlated to neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s (correlated more so that smoking is to lung cancer – I know, wowzers!)… These are just to name a few..

And here is the really sad thing about it… MOST of the time, these diseases (Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease, MS) ARE REVERSABLE and AVOIDABLE through a RAW DIET – what we are intended to be eating in the first place.  YA, I KNOW.  That’s some crazy information right there folks!  It makes me sad in my heart to know that millions of people who die every year (brothers, sisters, moms, dads, best friends of all time, cousins, crazy aunts, funny uncles, co-workers, even our pets) didn’t have to die and could be here right now living long happy lives with us. Not to mention the countless other inconveniences like acne, asthma, allergies, anemia, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies can also be completely avoided and eliminated through a raw diet.

A new fresh part of me says, “HOLY CRAPANOLI, I’m going all raw!”, but another part of me says “100% raw is not really realistic for me, at least now right now”.  On the other hand, I will definitely be making some life changes.  Effective immediately I will no longer consume any dairy products, I will significantly increase my intake of dark leafy greens, meat intake will be very limited moving forward (I plan to do more research here), sprouting seeds is my new hobby, raw foods in general will have a much larger part in my diet – at least 50% of my intake will be raw, and processed foods no longer have a part in my diet.

Today I purchased my first Vitamix (YAY!  FINALLY!), which is an absolute must for any healthy diet.  I also plan to get a 9-tray Excalibur food dehydrator, a spiralizer/mandolin, and a food processor.  I also plan to look more into the 80/10/10 diet, see the movies “The Future of Food”, “The Sixth Extinction”, and “Food, Inc”.

Here are some of my favorite raw recipes that I learned and will definitely be making more of in the near future: brownies, cheesecake with strawberry sauce, lemon grass cabbage salad, sour cream and chive dip, mexican crackers, nacho cheese, no-tuna pate, veggie sushi rolls, onion bread, mexican burrito, pumpkin spice ice cream, green smoothie inspirations, watermelon juice, veggie snap crackers, sprouts, and hearts of joy with chocolate sauce are just to name a few.  Geez, I’m getting hungry!

Another thing that made this experience so special was the amazing people that I had the opportunity to connect with. It was so nice to be surrounded by happy, like-minded people who really care about their personal well-being and the food that they eat.  Even though we were only together for a short period of time, I know I have made friendships that will last forever.  That is priceless in itself.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on raw-vegan living in the comments section below.  Have you ever done a raw diet?  Would you consider one?  What do you think about the facts listed above?  I’m eager to hear… so drop me a line below.

Until next time, be well, be happy, be raw (or at least consider it) 🙂


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