We have more control over things than we let ourselves believe.  It comes down to simple acts like shopping and giving ourselves permission to bypass catchy coupons and flashy sales, to instead support holistic and mindful movements that reflect our innermost values.

There was a time when I lived for bargains and bogos.  Regardless of whether the item reflected my innermost values, I allowed my purchases to be guided by media and sales ads.  What I didn’t realize was that every single time I pulled out my wallet to pay for something I was essentially casting a vote.  I was saying, “More of this please!”.   From bigshot corporations to family farms, it doesn’t matter who it is that’s providing the goods, they will supply what we are demanding because they want our money.

What I want for you to understand is that transitioning into a mindful lifestyle and switching your purchases to reflect what you believe in is an evolving process for most of us – because we are evolving and that’s how it goes.  As we evolve into mindful, self-aware individuals it becomes a natural side effect.  At least, it has been that way for me.  As a highly sensitive individual I can honestly say that I can “feel” when it is time to transition to an organic product.  My intuition won’t let it leave my mind and I can feel it in my gut that the product is no longer serving my body or my home.  And I owe my intuitive knowing to my meditation.  So my message to you is to keep meditating, keep learning about yourself, keep remembering your truth, and continue to define what matters to you – and then, without even thinking about it, you will naturally gravitate towards more mindful purchases.

I hope today’s video serves you and that you find areas in your shopping to improve and reflect the values and movements that you support.

With deep love,


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